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Periodic inspection for copperclad wire antennas

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Here is a tip, learned from bitter experience, that should benefit any of the gang who use surplus copperclad wire for their sky hooks. Antennas made from this material require inspection once a year or so if deterioration in advance of actual breakdown is to be detected. In my own case, I had a nifty 340 footer about 50 feet high that was made with surplus aircraft-trail wire obtained from a bargain 3000 foot reel. After about four years of service - without inspection - trouble started. Wherever the wire came in contact with stand-offs, strain insulators or other supports, and at points where bends were necessary, the copper coating had worn through and rust had eaten into the core, thus creating about half a dozen high-resistance joints that finally broke down.

Win. Plimpton, W2IXH.