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Splicing 300 Ohm line: An additional hint

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Fig 1

I have had excellent results splicing 300 ohm transmission line by extending the system described by W9BPS on page 53 of QST for January, 1958. The method used here assures a strong, weatherproof joint and makes use of some ordinary kitchen-type wax paper and an electric flatiron. The XYL may immediately say "No dice," but you may guarantee her that the surface of the iron will not be damaged. The steps to be followed in making the joint are as follows:

  1. Proceed through B (Fig. 4) of W9BPS's instructions.
  2. Strip wire from scrap pieces of 300 ohm Twin-Lead, leaving only the insulation.
  3. Cut insulation into 2- or 3-inch lengths.
  4. Place one piece of insulation on each side of the spliced area and cover with a fold of wax paper (double thickness) as shown in A of the accompanying sketch, Fig. 1.
  5. Apply heat - medium setting of the flatiron will do - to the wax paper until the insulation becomes molten.
  6. Remove heat, allow insulation to cool and set, discard wax paper, and trim joint as illustrated in B of Fig. 1.

Denzil O. Cooper, W0TXP.