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Transmitter neutralizing with the station receiver

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Recentley, while neutralizing a new transmitter I tried using the station receiver as a neutralizing indicator. High voltage was removed from the transmitter final amplifier tubes and a short piece of coax was connected to the transmitter output. The coax was terminated with a wide spaced two turn coil about 5/8 inch in diameter. A one-turn coil of the same diameter was connected to a short piece of Twin-Lead which in turn was connected to the receiver's antenna input terminals. The receiver was then tuned to the transmitter frequency.

With drive applied to the transmitter final amplifier, adjust both the coupling between the above coils and also the receiver's r.f. gain control for maximum S-meter reading. To neutralize; adjust the neutralizing circuit in the transmitter for minimum S-meter reading.

Corwin Butler, K5INC.