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Oscilloscope circuit

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Many homemade oscilloscopes do not include sweep, sync, or amplifier circuits. Sometimes, however, these circuits are necessary for ham measurements, and they can be added readily to an existing scope which contains its own power supply. Fig. 1 shows a simple circuit that includes vertical- and horizontal-amplifier and sawtooth-oscillator circuits. The only power necessary other than heater is 300 and 400 volt at about 25 mA.

Fig 1
Fig. 1. Oscilloscope circuits-(A) sawtooth oscillator, (B) horizontal amplifier, and (C) vertical amplifier. All capacitances are in µf. Those marked with polarity are electrolytic. Resistors are ½ watt unless otherwise indicated. Terminals V and H are connected to the Vertical and horizontal plates of the cathode-ray tube.

C.O. Williamson, W8HQZ.