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Coax-to-terminal-strip adapter

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The accompanying sketch shows how I added a coaxial connector to the antenna terminal of my RME 4350 receiver. This method eliminates the need for drilling a hole in the receiver's chassis to mount the connector. Remove the head from a 6-32 screw and solder the screw to the center conductor of the coax connector. The connector is then screwed into the terminal strip with a section of small tubing inserted as shown in the sketch. Another 6-32 screw is inserted through one of the holes in the connector flange and is screwed into the other antenna terminal. Also connected to this screw is a lead that is attached to the ground terminal on the terminal strip. Almost any terminal strip can be used with this scheme since spacing between the lugs seems to be a standard ½ inch, which is just the right measurement to line up with the holes in the SO-239 connector.

Fig 1
Fig. 1. K5MSQ's coax-to-terminal strip adapter.

Dr. L. M. Salinger, K5MSQ.